28 September 2018

CEREMA publishes recommendations for interoperability with account-based ticketing systems

CEREMA publishes a fact sheet on the interoperability with account-based ticketing systems.

This sheet completes the guide book for the procurement of a ticketing system published by CEREMA for public transport authorities.

The purpose of this fact sheet is to report on the work carried out within the framework of CN03, to explain them and to promote their appropriation by public transport ticketing stakeholders.

Indeed, some public transport networks, especially those of small size, rely for mainly economic reasons for ticketing solutions on so-called “account-based” ticketing systems. These solutions use contactless cards for subscriber customers without fare product data stored on the card, all the information being hold in a customer account in a back-office server. This approach is often perceived as a barrier for ticketing interoperability, ie the possibility of using the same medium to travel in different transport networks, because historically interoperability was based solely on the data stored in the media.

With this in mind, Nextendis worked with the CN03, with the support of the AFIMB and GART, first leading  an ad hoc working group composed of ticketing experts representing ticketing system users and suppliers, and secondly developing a document entitled:


This document lays down a list of requirements applicable to any media centric or account-based ticketing solution to allow interoperability between these two types of ticketing systems.

The sheet N ° 5 published by the CEREMA presents a summary of this works and will give you the procedure to obtain the document “INTEROPERABILITY APPLIED TO ACCOUNT-BASED TICKETING SYSTEMS – Implementation Requirements”.



This sheet N ° 5 can be downloaded for free from the CEREMA website: www.cerema.fr