Transport and public services

Our positioning:

In the transport and public transport sectors, new challenges like public services’ dematerialization on card or mobile phone, acceptance of new media for identification and payment are opportunities that allow you to offer a better access and an improved quality of service to end-users, to diminish your operating costs and to increase the operating performance of legacy systems.

Our deep understanding of ticketing systems, cards and contactless applications along with mobile services enables us to help our client integrate these newest advances in a sustainable and pragmatic way within their systems.

The relevance of our proposal is strengthened by our thorough knowledge of two complementary sectors, telecoms and banking. This permits our customers to benefit from an assistance fully fitting the current technological convergence within the Transport and Public service ecosystem.

Our missions mainly revolve around the following practices:

  • Impact analysis of new technologies on your ticketing systems
  • Architecture definition or improvement and high level design  of ticketing system
  • Use case and customer path analysis
  • Business case study and tender procurement from specification definition to support in the choice of suppliers
  • Standardization work group lead and coordination


Our knowledge of transport and public sectors mostly concerns the following fields:

Interoperable ticketing systemssystemes-billetiques-inter
  • Ticketing systems architecture and applicable standards (ISO 24014 series)
  • « Card centric »and « back office centric » systems
  • Commercial and technical interoperability
  • Intermodality and multimodality management
  • Payment means : post-payment, payment at validation
  • Physical and online distribution channels
Dematerialized public services cloud-2
  • Public transport and urban mobility services (car-sharing, bicycle-sharing, parking facility…)
  • Daily-life services (parking, public equipment access…)
  • Student life services (campus access, e-money wallet…)
  • Security scheme and compliance with privacy laws
Mobile servicesmobile-nfc
  • NFC mobile services : reader mode or card emulation
  • Services on non-NFC phones : 2d-barcode management, SMS ticketing
  • Mobile purchase and top-up
  • Journey planner, traffic information…

Services on contactless cards and other contactless mediacard-3

  • Most used  ticketing applications (Calypso, Mifare, ITSO, VDV-KA,Cipurse …)
  • Multi-service cards
  • Contactless USB token
  • Applicable norms and standards (ISO 14443 series, ISO 7816, EN 1545,  …)

True to its values, Nextendis is actively involved in ticketing normalization activities and in several workgroups defining the standards of the industry, in France as well as at the international level: BNTRA/CN03, ISO TC204 WG8 “Public Transport”, CEN TC278 WG3 SG5 “ Interoperable Fare Management Systems ” …


Our references:

For transport authorities and public entities:

  • Participation in normalization activities for ticketing in France and Europe
  • Assistance to a service of the French Transportation ministry and to French transport authorities in order to define a common ticketing application (ABC: Application Billettique Commune)
  • Definition of a common reference framework for contactless communication between objects and ticketing equipment, in France then in Europe

For transport operators:

  • Project management for the deployment of a mobile NFC-based ticketing system
  • Study of state-of-the-art NFC and ticketing standards
  • Design and security analysis of a tag-validator solution
  • Assistance for the design of a city mobility pass, including parking services
  • Audit on payment terminal integration into Ticket Vending machines
  • Definition of a strategy for the implementation of an interoperable ticketing system in Europe
  • Work group coordination aiming to define a ticketing standard for smartphones