Technology consultancy

Due to our involvement in standardization and in different workgroups, our team has internationally recognized technical experts in the fields of mobile and contactless services, payment systems and intelligent transport systems.

We provide you with such expertise through consultancy in the following technologies

Technical training and state-of-the-art workshops:

  • Contactless technologies & NFC
  • Mobile and contactless payment systems
  • Chip card
  • Ticketing applications…

Training and watch about standards:

  • Access networks: GSM norms, 3G norms from ETSI, norms from 3GPP, OMA, GSMA…
  • NFC and contactless technologies: NFC Forum, ISO/IEC 14 443, EMVCo L1…
  • Application and secure element management: GlobalPlatform, GSMA, AFSCM, AEPM…
  • Transport ticketing:  ISO TC 204 WG8 (Public Transport), Mifare, Calypso 

Architecture definition, systems’ functional and technical audit, security analysis

  • Roll-out platform for mobile services  (TSM, wallet manager)
  • Front office and back office of ticketing systems
  • Mobile payment server
  • Mobile applications (cardlet, midlet, servlet…)
  • Electronic transaction security
  • Strong authentication solutions