Our Values

Since its creation, Nextendis has focused its development on four strong values, shared by all its employees:

A state-of-the-art expertise

By putting great value on technological watch and actively contributing to standardization of innovative technologies, Nextendis offers its customers a state-of-the-art expertise and vision for innovation. With a view to achieving these high quality standards, our consultants are continuously trained with the objective of technical and methodological excellence. Sharing each other’s knowledge is extremely important to us.

Creativity and open-mindedness

The development of innovative solutions requires creativity and open-mindedness. To do so, we take care to sharpen your innovative edge thanks to teams that bring together a wide variety of skills and expertise, which encourages a spirit of creativity.

Meeting our commitments

Honouring our commitments is essential to the establish a solid and long-term relationship with our customers, and we put great value on respecting each commitment we take. Therefore,  we build a trusting relationship, strongly value-added for our customers and based on availability, attentiveness and reactivity of our teams.

Comprehensive, unbiased and independent view

Nextendis is a consultancy firm completely independent from any provider or solutions integrator, totally dedicated to consulting activities. On the basis of these strengths we cover the key issues in an unbiased way, willing to provide the best assistance fulfilling your needs. We set out a pragmatic and flexible roll-out approach aimed at protecting existing investments and proposing a deployment based on lasting and standards-compliant solutions.