Banking and retail

Our values:

The many technological advances in communication channels and means of displaying information are an opportunity for added value creation for the different players in the banking and retail domains.

With its expertise in payment solutions and mobile services, Nextendis will help you maximise your profits by :

  • Integrating new technologies and develop your service offer for payment, couponing and loyalty
  • Analyzing your markets in order to increase your incomes or strengthen your positioning deploying new services or products
  • Profiting from multiscreen convergence between Internet and mobile  environments (PC, touchpads) developing a multi-media converging approach
  • Implementing technological and marketing pilots to test your innovative services and products
  • Managing your services and manage your suppliers

Moreover, we combine a detailed knowledge of telecom sectors and local authorities. Such a multi sectorial expertise strengthens the pertinence of our proposals on topics involving these different environments.


Our knowledge of banking and retail mostly concerns the following fields:

Cards and payment meanscredit-card
  • Contactless payment cards, multi-applicative cards
  • Payment transaction security and applicable standards (EMVCo, Visa, MasterCard …)
  • Issuance and personalization chain of payment cards
Mobile payment solutions mobile-3
  • Online and POS payment solutions
  • Solution based on Cloud or secure element
  • Intermediation and monetization in mobile ecosystem for banking and retail players
eCommerce and mCommercebarcode
  • Customer benefit management: loyalty and couponing
  • Service portfolio management (mWallet and eWallet):, MasterPass, Google Wallet, …
  • Secure mobile/Internet service full roll-out 
Payment terminal and mobile POS solutions  (mPOS)mpos
  • Payment terminal architecture and applicable standards (ISO 8583, GIE CB Bulletins, EMVCo, Entry Point,…)
  • Mobile POS based on EMV or magnetic stripe
  • Certification and approval process for payment terminals

Thanks to a constant watch of initiatives conducted by EMVCo, payment schemes and new players in the e/mCommerce industry, we can provide you the state-of-the-art inputs on these fields.


Our references:

For payment schemes:

  • Definition of the local marketing strategy for mobile payment offer and writing of the related implementation plan
  • Gap analysis of AEPM « Payez Mobile » and Mobile PayPass Mchip specifications
  • Training on standards applicable to NFC phones

For banks:

  • Workshop about opportunities in the transport ticketing industry for banks
  • Workshop on usage of contactless payment cards for transit network access
  • Framework document in order to set up a deployment platform for NFC services on mobile phone