Our commitments

In all of its activities, Nextendis is committed to constantly integrating social and environmental issues and the objectives of sustainable development in all its activities with its suppliers, customers and employees.

Social commitment

Nextendis puts the well-being and development of all its employees at the heart of the company’s policy. During the recruitment process we pay close attention to promote a wide diversity of backgrounds and profiles, as we regard this as necessary for creativity and ideas comparison in our activities.

Our consultants are given regular training and are encouraged to participate in seminars, conferences and fairs during their entire career at Nextendis in order for them to keep in touch with the state of the art.

Nextendis offers suitable working conditions, enabling its employees to work at home if they so desire. Which fits our eco-responsible commitment as it minimizes transportation and thus reduces the global carbon footprint of the society.

Commitment to the environment

Nextendis endeavours to be environmentally friendly. We focus on suppliers that put forward the  best practices to lessen negative environmental impacts.

We place a priority on green transportation methods, espacially rail for inter-city transportation in France.

Moreover, our commitments to local and regional authorities -which are in the front line of eco-responsibility promotion in transportation- result from our willingness to be inserted in a progress of environmental policy.