15 June 2015

Nextendis launches his new “Internet of Objects” services offer.

Nextendis has established itself for several years as a strategic partner for companies and local governments implementing innovative projects in these fields: contactless mobile services, payment and urban mobility


The consecutive developments of the M2M market (Machine to Machine) mainly in the industry sector, and more recently the massive deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the consumer market offer an unlimited and great space for opportunities to create new connected services.


The debate around the low bandwidth network with Sigfox, LoRa or QoWisio, illustrates well the new use cases possibility to connect together millions of new objects and offer innovative service.

Moreover, simple technologies now widely deployed like the iBeacon or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are enabling new consumer approaches to optimize the customer experience.

Thanks to his experience in digital transaction area, Nextendis completes today his services offer and announces the arrival of Benjamin Maury as Head of M2M and IOT activities to develop this activity.


Benjamin was previously Mobility and IoT director in the Accenture Digital group to support their customers in their digital path and anticipate the connected objects arrival in the industry.

Pioneer of the M2M development within Gemalto, Benjamin started his career in consulting firms called Atos and Logica and then integrated BNP Paribas as Product Manager for Internet and Internet mobile.


The services we offer are:


  • M2M and IoT state of the art watch for the consumers and the industry: New connected objects – wearables, wireless low bandwidth networks, main use cases B2B and B2C.
  • Opportunity and feasibility studies around M2M and IoT use cases: Smart Cities, Smart Grid, connected vehicules …
  • Security evaluation: Risk analysis on IoT networks, security scheme definition, and security solution implementation.
  • Deployment strategy definition: Roadmap definition, marketing and business plans
  • Business development operational support on specific market segments or geographical zones
  • Project management and field experimentation support


For more information, please do contact Benjamin Maury at the following email address: benjamin.maury@nextendis.com