19 December 2016


GSMA Terminal Steering Group recently published the v10 of the GSMA TSG TS.26 NFC Handset Requirements.

This GSMA document lists requirements for devices to support NFC services (primarily focused on UICC) and references relevant standards. Test cases that allow testing the conformance to these requirements are gathered in GSMA TSG TS.27 NFC Testbook, and mobile device certification against TS.26 and TS.27 is provided by GCF (Global Certification Forum).

By aligning requirements across mobile operators, OEMs have a single set of NFC requirements to implement, and MNOs can outsource testing and certification to 3rd parties.

This is a maintenance release. Some of the updates are:

  • Reference update to a new version of NFC Forum Analog v2.0 specification, which provides interoperability between TS.26/TS.27 compliant handsets and transport infrastructure compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 (or CEN/TS 16794) and ISO/IEC 18092 (FELICA)
  • Multiple SIM support
  • UICC Carrier Privilege rules handling
  • Co-existence between different Card Emulation Environments (conflicts management for non-AID based NFC services handled through service menu)
  • Reference update to the new version of EMVCo Book D v2.6 specification
  • Mandatory antenna location description
  • Terminal capability indicating SWP support
  • Minimum AID routing table size
  • Prefix AID registration mechanism

Nextendis has actively participated to this update with 2 consultants working on behalf of Vodafone:

  • Rubén Rico as Chairman of the NFC Requirements working and TS.26 Editor
  • Patrice Le Philippe as Vodafone representative to the working group


The document can be downloaded from the GSMA website: