11 May 2015

GSMA releases MIFARE4Mobile Implementation Guidelines

GSMA, in collaboration with M4M Industry Group, recently published the “MIFARE4Mobile Implementation Guideline” (free download from GSMA Web site here)”. This work comes as a complement to the MIFARE4Mobile 2.1.1 specifications which define a standard way to manage MIFARE-based services in the Secure Element of NFC-enabled mobile devices.

This GSMA document aims at facilitating the deployment of MIFARE-based services (both Classic and DESFire) when using the UICC of NFC-enabled mobile phones. By suggesting the usage of preferred options, interoperability between UICC vendors implementations should be ensured, which will benefit to both TSM platform(s) and mobile wallet device applications.

As a consequence, this initiative would help Public Transport Operators to digitalize their MIFARE

 physical cards on NFC mobile devices, with the promise of being able to deploy their applications in a seamless way on eligible UICCs from any MNO in their local market.

On behalf of Vodafone, Patrice Le Philippe – Senior Consultant at Nextendis, actively participated to the development of these guidelines.